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CEO's message

A position I have built up over many years. Based on indirect experience, we provide maximum satisfaction to all customers.

Woorim Air Attack Co., Ltd. will do our best to serve you.

Creating and growing a new world, behind the scenes of that splendid stage.Woorim Air Tech Co., Ltd. will take on the role of staff preparing the stage. We provide services that meet customer requirements through strict quality control and trust.We are doing our best to provide.

Woorim Airtech Co., Ltd. specializes in air conditioning, ventilation, and DUCT production and construction. In particular, it specializes in duct production and construction for semiconductor manufacturing plants and battery manufacturing plants, which are the growth engines of Korea. We have strived to improve quality and service to ensure customer satisfaction in an ever-changing market.
Woorim Airtech Co., Ltd. promises to further strengthen bonds with all new partners we meet in the smart era with the spirit of challenge and creation.

Woorim Airtech Co., Ltd. promises to do its best to become a responsible and sound company that values your company's productivity improvement and stability. Woorim Airtech Co., Ltd. is loved and recognized more by fulfilling its mission of delivering quick and convenient information and technology. , We will do our best to become Woorim Airtech Co., Ltd., which runs towards a greater future where we can develop together with our customers even if it is difficult and takes a long time rather than the easy road.

We will become a company that always does its best.

thank you

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